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Team Work Smart is a group of integrated modules or Bricks, each fulfilling a business function, process or workflow. They can be used stand alone or combined one at a time to build the perfect, tailored business system for your business. Unlike a lot of business systems, Team Work Smart is quick to implement and roll-out, at minimal cost and disruption.

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Are you a Site Manager or Construction Worker?

Digital Form Capture Apps for Quality & Compliance from Team Work Smart - All the forms and workflows you need to make sure everything that needs checking, testing or inspecting is done on time, efficiently and you have the evidence to prove it.

  1. Secure - All data is stored securely with permission settings for user access control.
  2. Available Anytime - The app is accessible anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection.
  3. Reporting - Generate reports for current and historic data to view KPI's.
  4. Multi Device - Use the same app on a mobile device or desktop computer.

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Advance IT Group Ltd Presents Team Work Smart

Advance IT sent its new product out onto the market, presenting Team Work Smart proudly to multiple businesses. The software that has been developed by our in house team is designed to make your life easier, using a group of integrated modules or bricks. Stewart Braznell, Managing Director of Advance IT Group Ltd, presented Read more...


Team Work Smart appears in the December 2016 Construction & Civil Engineering magazine

Hot off the press, we are delighted to have Advance IT Group Limited's Team Work Smart editorial published in the latest copy of Construction & Civil Engineering magazine. Team Work Smart is used by Midlands construction company AM Griffiths. Read more...

Cloud based for maximum reliability and accessibility

Every business reaches saturation of its functions at different times. With Team Work Smart you can add Bricks into the integrated solution whenever and in the order you need - giving you the best match between managing system capital spend, driving efficiency into different parts of your business and funding all this through the ROI from existing modules.

Scalable, you can start with one of our ‘Out of the Box’ Bricks, switch it on and start using it, with your hand held by our customer support and training team. Once up and running you can customise it your Brick, or leave it standard. You can add more Bricks into your Team Work Smart to bring further benefits.

It really is as simple as selecting the most appropriate Brick, customising it to reflect your own terminology or process and getting going. We even supply a library of pre-defined forms, processes and workflows which you can access to speed everything up.


  • Pricing is clear and easy to understand, plan and budget for.
  • Simply select the size of business you are, the Brick(s) you need initially and whether you wish to pay monthly or annually.
  • Licenses can be easily transferred between users in the TWS Portal.
  • Cloud based for maximum reliability and accessibility.

Bricks & Bolt Ons See it in action

Team Work Smart diagram showing how it simplifies work flows

Some of our Bricks available now include

Bolt On Options Available

  SMS Notifications   Data Management
  Form Design   Integration   Custom Configuration
  Data Manipulation   Big Data   Project Management
  Data Cleansing   CIPD accredited Training

Flexible options to suit your needs

Licenses & Workflows/Library items

Tier 1

5Gb per license

Tier 2

10Gb per license

Tier 3

25Gb per license

Number of user license 1-9 10-49 50-499
Workflows items included 1 5 15
Access to Management Dashboard
Ongoing remote customer support
Change workflows you use

Custom configuration option
30 days intensive support
(16 hours)

(32 hours)
Dedicated account manager contact
(via email only)
Read Only access without a license
(10% of total license count)

(20% of total license count)
Purchase additional workflows @ 10% discount on Tier 1 price @ 25% discount on Tier 1 price @ 50% discount on Tier 1 price
Number of admin licenses included 1 5 15
  Enquire! Enquire! Enquire!

ENTERPRISE BUSINESS: For user license over 500 please contact us for a customised quote.

Pricing is clear: Bricks are split into three tiers, with a choice of monthly or annual pricing. Pick the package that best suits your business size and then select your bolt on options. Further discounts are available as more Bricks are added.

View the Team Work Smart NCN module/brick in action by the construction industry

Our advisors are on hand to go through your requirements

The Bricks to build your business. One Brick at a time.

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