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Construction is one functional area where Team Work Smart is benefitting clients. It integrates seamlessly with Team Work Smart for Sales, Accounts, Operations and many more.


No need to complete and submit paperforms. It’s all on your phone, completed, sent and shared in seconds.

NCN and Snags

Quickly and easily log, evidence and distribute NCN’s and Snag’s, and then manage their resolution


Make notes and sign for on own handsets - maintaining social distancing. No need to hand documents around multiple people.

A simple paperless stack (facing right)-min

A simple, paperless stack
system for small businesses.

Team Work Smart is built up of management packs that allow you to work efficiently and effectively from any electronic device making interactions from a site, project or management level between contractors, clients and team members a simple, seamless process.


Stay on top of repeat actions.

Schedule regular site actions such as Daily Briefings, Welfare Inspections and Scaffolding Checks and have them pop up on a to-do list as they fall due. Schedule hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or for custom periods.

stay on top of repeat action phone
Forget Paperwork (facing right)-min

Forget paperwork.

Do away with paper reports that get left in the site office or lost. Complete it on your mobile once and it is instantly recorded centrally, with warnings or follow on actions being flagged and escalated. We’ve yet to come across a form we can’t incorporate.


Simplify health and safety compliance.

Record Accidents, Near Misses and non-conformances quickly and easily, with suitable categorisation and allocation of responsibility. Make sure safety checks are carried out according to schedule and any failings are flagged for rectification.

Simplify health and safety monitor
Get Key information (facing right)-min

Get key information faster, accurately.

As soon as the last question is answered and submit is pressed, the information is synched centrally. Any evidence such as photo or video is available to view. Information is typed so therefore always easy to read! The use of required fields means that all the data you need must be present.


No signal? No problem.

If you are working in an area with no signal, any work is simply saved in draft. When you are next in signal, one click sync will send all your data through. Even better, date, time and GPS stamps relate to when the work was done, not when it is sent.

Distribute and share (facing right)-min

Distribute and share.

All inspections and reports can be emailed as a pdf, downloaded or even be set to send via email and SMS automatically when certain criteria, e.g. a failure, are met. Or invite clients into the system with a limited access view that you control.


Management Packs.



Team Work Smart can work in all areas of business and industry. To make it easy to navigate, each process is put into a wider Management Pack with other, similar processes. View our Management Packs below.


Non Conformance Management

Manage NCN and NCR effortlessly.

Non Conformance Management

A complete process for raising, tracking and resolving non-conformities.

  • Raise NCN ad hoc
  • Or as a result of a failed inspection
  • Allocate and distribute 
  • Every response logged and tracked
  • Categorised for easy reporting
  • Never lose sight of an NCN

Snagging and Project Handover Manager

Make project handovers seamless and pain-free.

Snagging and Project Handover Manager

All you need to capture, manage and close snags and lists for completion.

  • Quickly create snag lists
  • Capture evidence of completion
  • Provide PDF evidence of closure
  • Bar code scanning of locations

Project Variation Management

Make sure you record and can charge for all mid-project changes.

Project Variation Management

Record and request approval of changes within seconds.

  • Record change requests with reason and financial impact
  • Get immediate sign off from client
  • Full audit trail of changes
  • Report available to evidence variation 
  • Email and send PDF evidence in seconds

Site environmental compliance pack

This management pack keeps your site compliant with environmental requirements on your construction site

Site environmental compliance packs

Within this management pack there are 6 processes available:

  • Environmental site inspection
  • Noise pollution inspection
  • Air pollution inspection
  • Environmental audit
  • Water pollution inspection
  • Waste management inspection

Site delivery & materials pack

This management pack keeps your site compliant with environmental requirements on your construction site

Site delivery & materials pack

Within this management pack there are 5 processes available:

  • Delivery scheduler
  • Stop and go check
  • Vehicle log sheet
  • Delivery log
  • CLOCS compliance inspection

Site labour management

This Management Pack will help monitor and record deliveries and vehicular access to your construction site.

Site labour management

Within this management pack there are 6 processes available:

  • Site diary form
  • Induction checklist
  • Daily site briefing
  • Time and attendance
  • HVACS record
  • PPE inspection

Site equipment & tools pack

These Management Packs are to ensure tools and equipment are inspected, monitored, compliant and protected.

Site equipment & tools packs

Within this management pack there are 5 processes available:

  • Forklift truck inspection
  • Telehandler daily check list
  • Equipment supply record
  • Lost/stolen tools report
  • Site asset register

Site accident & incident pack

A collection of 5 management packs aimed at helping you to log and prevent accidents on site.

Site accident and incident packs

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  • Accident log
  • Near miss incident report
  • Health & Safety hazard report
  • Yellow card
  • Red card

Site health & safety pack

This Management Pack will help to ensure your site is compliant and prevent unnecessary accidents

Site health & safety packs

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  • Risk assessments and method statements
  • Supervisor weekly safety walk around
  • Health & safety inspection
  • Health & safety managers report
  • Health & safety directors report
  • Health & safety surprise walk around
  • Toolbox talks

Working at height pack

A Management Pack to ensure precautions to prevent accidents from working at height have been met on your construction site.

Site working at height

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  • Edge protection inspection
  • Canti-deck inspection
  • Hoist inspection
  • LOLOR inspection
  • Gate inspection
  • Hoarding inspection
  • Voids inspection
  • Ladder inspection
  • Gantry inspection

Site permit pack

Use this management pack to issue, record and check permits to work

Site permit pack

Issue and manage specialist site permits.

  • Hot works
  • Specialist work permit
  • CSCS card inspection
  • Vehicle card inspection

Site routine checks

Use this Management Pack to ensure that regular walkarounds and checks are carried out on schedule, and any issues are flagged.

Site health & safety packs

Make sure your sites stay safe and health and safety compliant with this Management Pack:

  • Fire door check
  • Basement walkway check
  • Fire point check
  • Site inspection
  • Spill kit inspection
  • Site information board inspection
  • Signage inspection
  • Welfare facilities inspection

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