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About Us.

Meet the Team behind TeamWorkSmart

We have been creating software solutions to business problems for over 20 years now. Working across a wide range of industries has given us a vast experience of how different business sectors operate.

TeamWorkSmart has been developed for and with the construction industry. It has been used on projects ranging from domestic property, through commercial jobs of up to £1m, all the way to some of the landmark projects in Central London.

Our approach has always been client led – they know what they need from a software to perform, and we have used our skills to deliver it. Our clients have stated to us many times that they could not go back to life before TeamWorkSmart, such is its positive impact on the operations, performance, efficiency, and profit.

In line with this ethos, TeamWorkSmart will continue to grow, with more Management Packs and more processes being added all the time. This will be based on our own development pipeline and work requested from our clients.

Whilst our background is in bespoke software development, this is admittedly expensive. TeamWorkSmart has been designed as a hybrid – you buy it off the shelf and it’s good to go. However, through our excellent support team, you can request alterations, or even custom pieces of work to meet your requirements. This gives you the best of both worlds – you can get going and reaping the benefits quickly, but you aren’t locked in to changing your business processes to fit TeamWorkSmart.

So, get in touch today to learn more about TeamWorkSmart and us as a team, and how we put our customers first in all that we do.

The team who has developed TeamWorkSmart are also responsible for producing our British Standard Accredited Lone Worker Protection Solution, LONEALERT which is a life critical worker safety product in use across many sectors globally.


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