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Understand in seconds

Data from site is sent back to the dashboard in seconds, allowing you to spot issues that needs addressing instantly.

Reduce travelling time

You get an accurate picture of what is happening on site from the comfort of your desk, home, train, meeting room.

Don’t wait for results

With the results of every inspection available in seconds or sent to you via email or SMS you can receive information, share the results, and re-allocate work within moments, saving down time.

Share information faster

By giving your clients limited access, they can access information as and when they want to, saving requests on your time to provide updates.

Resolve queries quicker

The full audit trail of every action, edit, email send/receive/open means that you can build a picture of who did what in seconds.

Interpret and react

Dashboards collate, curate and present data so you can easily see what needs action or investigate deeper to explore the detail and share easily.

Why wait hours or days for information?

With a paper-based reporting system, the information needs to be input, collated, and shared before it is useful. All of this takes time! TeamWorkSmart takes out all these steps - click submit and the form is saved, people are notified, reports and graphs are updated, and decisions can be made.

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Don’t delay your actions

If you need an action taking, a few clicks of a mouse and strokes of a keyboard can allocate the action and send a notification of what you want doing, how, by when to the recipient -quicker than picking up the phone. The audit trail and status let you track the action to completion and approval.

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