• Making Compliance Easy


Flag conformance issues in seconds

Be it a near miss, safety issue, failed safety inspection or simply mess, these can be recorded, categorised, and prioritised in seconds.

Ready to go

Unlike some systems, our processes are ready to start using. You don’t need to be a process engineer – just use our processes developed live on site with your construction partners and get going.

Set and track tasks and work orders

Request an action to be taken and it will be tracked until it is complete, with full audit trail. Simple filters let you identify jobs at each stage and who is responsible. No need to remember who you have asked to do what.

See where things are at, all the time

Dashboards and analytics update constantly and immediately, so you can always see the status of all sites, jobs, and notices. Dashboards are designed to flag where intervention is needed so you can stay laser focused on what needs to be done next.

Tamperproof and Location Proof

Any request, once started is time and location stamped, giving you verification that the person was in attendance. Email receipts and opens are tracked so you can be certain who has seen what. Any changes or edits are logged. Nothing can be changed without it being audited giving proof.

Report in Seconds

With all data available as summary or detail, and easy to manipulate, building reports is as simple as setting a few filters and then exporting the output to Excel, or sending as a PDF.

Stand Out from your competition

TeamWorkSmart has proven to offer our clients a commercial advantage when tendering for work by allowing them to build their clients confidence in the robust, concise, and transparent way in which they will carry out work on their sites. Optionally, clients can be given access to data relating to their sites to allow a true transparent relationship.

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Share best practice

Ready to go statistics on performance by site and company, as well as by categories and inspection types enables you to identity good performance and share this with less well-performing sites, to improve quality and compliance across your organisation.

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