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Spreadsheets Evolved

Supercharge your Excel spreadsheets by automatically capturing data and adding a host of filter, change tracking and manipulation options

Say bye to Doctor's handwriting!

Don’t waste any more time deciphering written scrawls. Data is keyboard entered so is always legible and accurate.

No stock required

Unlike paper forms, the internet does not run out so you will always have the form you need to hand. And as TeamWorkSmart runs on any internet enabled smartphone or tablet, you will always have the forms you need with you.

Keep your information accurate

Our forms enable you to control what data must be entered and set sensible ranges to make sure that all forms entered have the information you need – no missing key fields, no readings out of range.

Works with ANY current form

Any form can be converted into TeamWorkSmart and made more efficient. Even multi-part forms, or legal/regulatory forms can be used.

Technophobe friendly

So easy to use, even technophobes can use it. Simply go to our website, log-in and you have two clicks to access any available form.

Accurate, fast, and flexible

Because TeamWorkSmart forms are completed on a keyboard, data entered can be controlled – through controlling what options people pick, adding categorisations, or setting controls on what is valid data. Required fields also ensure the key information is captured, or the form can’t be completed. Once submitted, the form is available in seconds through the dashboard so the results can be shared instantly. No more waiting days for an operative to get back to the office, or costly, special journeys to collect paperwork. Admin time is also vastly reduced as no one needs to enter the data – but authorised users can check and alter data on submitted forms if required.

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Communicate quickly and get things done

Automated rules mean people can be notified of a form being submitted, or even if the form shows a non-Conformity that needs fixing. A Non-Conformity, Variation or Work Order can then be raised within TeamWorkSmart to track the required actions are communicated and completed. TeamWorkSmart tracks and time stamps everything, including the GPS location of where the form was completed so you have a complete audit trail. Need evidence? Everything can be downloaded or emailed as a PDF with your logo – either individual forms, or a form pack containing the whole sequence in chronological order.

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