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Quickly create a new NCN from your mobile device.


Assign the Notice to whoever you want to fix – they will receive a notification seconds later.


Quickly snap a photo or video and enclose it as evidence. These can be annotated.


Once complete, the NCN is sent to the TeamWorkSmart portal and copies are sent to anyone configured to receive. If offline, the NCN is stored until you are back online.


The TeamWorkSmart portal records all NCN’s and their status, who has opened and read it, and any actions taken against the NCN recorded. Any costs incurred can be recorded for on charging.


NCN’s can be filtered by site, contractor, category and these can be viewed quickly on dashboards, or exported to spreadsheet. They can even be emailed as a PDF directly from TeamWorkSmart.

Quick, seamless and time-saving.

We’ve recorded it – using TeamWorkSmart an NCN can be started, all information entered, including photographic evidence and sent in less than 20 seconds. Seconds later, the person deemed responsible will get an email, and an SMS message to advise them they have been allocated an NCN. They can accept it, resolve it and mark the NCN for review, with evidence. Seconds later, the originator is notified and can accept the rectification and close the NCN. Or, the NCN can be disputed, with reasons recorded. Again, the originator is notified in seconds and can accept or reject the dispute. This is all recorded in the TeamWorkSmart portal for review, and reporting.

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Improves client satisfaction

TeamWorkSmart’s flexible nature means that you can easily share job performance with your clients. But importantly, you control how much access is given. Clients can be given read only access to their sites, so they can log in at any time and review performance. Or, they can be copied into every NCN that is raised enabling them to keep track. Or they can be kept away from the day to day – but you will still need to report. If an individual NCN is questioned, simply search for it using the intuitive search functions, hit email pdf on the sidebar and the full NCN – including all submissions and inputs will be emailed to your client. This takes seconds. At the end of the job, instead of collating large files of paperwork, simply filter the site on TeamWorkSmart and every single item of history is available to send digitally to the client – again, this takes seconds. You can even filter out certain steps in the process that aren’t relevant.

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