• Variation in Construction Software


Log and quote variations in seconds

Just create a record of the requested variation and why it is required, including estimated cost.

Get instant approval

A copy of the request is sent to the client via email and SMS for them to approve or reject the extra work.

Evidence trail

TeamWorkSmart contains an audit log of every single variation request and it’s outcome, as well as a running total of the cost of variations which can be shared with the client in seconds.

Manage expectations

Keep clients updated with extra spend on the project easily and quickly to avoid nasty surprises and disputes when you submit your bill.


Filter and export/ email as PDF by client, variation type or outcome in a few button clicks.

Keep your clients happy

By having a e-paper trial of all add-on costs, the client is fully aware of any changes to their expected budgets.

Keeping budgets and cost variations transparent

TeamWorkSmart offers a really simple and easy way to ensure that changes to jobs that impact your costs, or the customers prices, are tracked and readily available. By sending the customer an instant message containing the summary of the work that is being proposed, the reason and the impact on the cost they are clear on what the changes mean to them. By asking them to sign and approve the work, you remove any grey areas on if the variation was accepted. Any disputes can be settled by sending a PDF direct from TeamWorkSmart containing the complete history of request and acceptance.

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Make sure you don’t leave money on the table

Make sure that all extra’s and changes that you do are logged and recorded as they happen. Save the risk of forgetting to record or charge for a piece of work, with TeamWorkSmart’s fire and forget approach. Just a few button clicks enables you to log any variations and then towards the end of the job you can make sure you’ve billed for all the extra’s that you’ve done. Even if you choose not to bill, quick freebie’s can soon add up, and having the evidence to show how many ‘little bit extra’s’ you’ve done, at a moments notice can help you justify why the next one isn’t free.

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