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Inspect, Submit, Forget

Get notified when inspections fall due, complete them quickly and then TeamWorkSmart will manage the for you.

All information in one place

Do away with taking photos, adding them to emails, looking up emails and setting reminders to follow up. Click, complete, send, done.

Tracked notifications

Submitted inspections and notifications can automatically be sent onwards to those who need to know or need to do something about it.

Control your information

Use consistent fields and look-ups and defined communication paths to provide consistency on your data.

Review, filter, and share

Using our Portal and dashboards, you can review and filter data into the sets you require and then easily share this via email, PDF, or Excel.

Reporting Automated

Reports can be created at the click of a button to quickly get you the data you need to review.

Transparency and Efficiency

Everyone is busy in the modern workplace. TeamWorkSmart saves time at all levels. Operatives can complete their inspection or raise issues faster. Managers can track progress and performance and make sure everything is getting done just by logging in and reviewing the dashboards. Additional costs can be managed and alterations, such as Variations, Snags and NCN’s can be recorded and actioned. The client can be quickly provided with data they request.

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Efficiency and Profit

The benefit of the savings in time across the process means that more is done in less time, extra costs or problems can be quickly identified and costed, and it is easy to justify your value to the client – in logging and resolving issues, keeping the site compliant and making sure construction delays are kept to a minimum.

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