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Compliance Audit

As TeamWorkSmart action is logged, a full compliance audit is available in real time. The audit can be viewed in multiple contexts – such as all audits on one site, or the Environmental performance of your company across all sites you are working on.

Manage by exception

If all is good with an inspection, it’s logged and ready to view. If not, it’s clearly shown as a Failed Inspection so it can be reviewed. The system can be configured to notify people of inspection outcomes automatically via email and SMS.


Lack of mobile signal on site is not an issue, as the inspection and report can be carried out as usual, and it is stored on the phone, ready to be sent when signal is available.


Whilst our suite of forms is pre-defined and ready to go, we recognise that different companies have different terminologies, or slightly different data to capture. Our support team can help you tweak and adjust labels, lists and even some of the fields that are to be completed.


Define how often each inspection needs to take place, and it will appear automatically in the dashboards as a to do for the relevant person(s) to complete, so you don’t’ have to worry about inspections not being done. Or inspections can be carried out ad hoc


NCN’s can even be raised directly from a failed inspection, so rectification actions are set immediately, and then tracked through the NCN Process, so the next inspection should pass.

Manage approvals to work with:

  1. Hot works permit
  2. Specialist Work Permit
  3. CSCS card inspection
  4. Vehicle Card inspection
With more to be added to the library based on community feedback.

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Revolutionise your site safety

Even technophobes can get to grips with TeamWorkSmart quickly and easily. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design of the platform ensure that all site safety and supervisory staff can efficiently utilize its features. With TeamWorkSmart, issuing site permits and recording inspections of permits to work and accreditations becomes a seamless process.
By using TeamWorkSmart, site personnel can easily manage and monitor hazardous work locations and the credentials of site workers. This efficient management system allows for a reduction in the time-consuming nature of safety inspections. As a result, safety inspections can be conducted more frequently, leading to increased overall safety for both sites and staff members.
The convenience and accessibility of TeamWorkSmart contribute to enhanced site safety by ensuring that important inspections are never overlooked or delayed. With the platform's streamlined processes and automated reminders, site safety and supervisory staff can remain proactive in addressing potential risks and non-compliance issues promptly.
Furthermore, the increased frequency of safety inspections made possible by TeamWorkSmart reinforces a culture of safety within the organization. It sends a clear message to site workers that their safety is a top priority, fostering a safer and more secure work environment.
With TeamWorkSmart, time-consuming administrative tasks related to managing permits and accreditations are simplified and streamlined. This means that site safety and supervisory staff can allocate their time and resources more effectively, focusing on critical safety measures and proactive risk management.

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