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Extremely quick

Just find, or add a location to TeamWorkSmart and quickly record snags with detail, photo evidence and required action.

Easy to close out

Scan the TeamWorkSMart barcode in each location to view a list of the related snags.


TeamWorkSmart automatically generates an audit log of what actions were taken to resolve each snag – including time stamps and details of who took the action.


Details of closed snags can be shared with clients – as they are closed, or as a closing report containing all snags.


Snags can be filtered by category, location or contractor to provide reports on site performance.


TeamWorkSmart is a one stop management process for all snags, to make handing over your projects seamless.

Make technology work for you

As it is mobile based, TeamWorkSmart is always with you, whether that is to generate a snagging list, resolve relevant snags in the location you are in, or to agree actions required to close a project with a client. It works offline as well as online and is so quick to operate and create snag lists that you will save hours generating and sharing lists. Don’t lose visibility of what needs to be done, or waste time missing jobs and having to go back.

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Snagging and project handover - Close out jobs without grey areas - iStock-1146511023-min

Close out jobs without grey areas.

Our project close out form is a really simple but effective way to close out a project – a simple e-form is emailed to your client asking them to confirm they are happy with the work and that everything is complete. If they aren’t happy, they can provide a list of what they consider outstanding – which fits into the audit trail and enables you to ensure that the list of ….last little things… does not stretch out.

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