• Working with No Signal


Clever Caching

It’s nerdy, but basically, we store any submission in your browser memory until you are in signal to send them.

There must be a limit?

Well, yes there is, but by automatically down-sizing images we make this limit big.

Do I lose features?

No really, time and geo stamps still work, and all forms are still available. Site admin is lost when out of signal, but this is usually a back-office function anyway.

Wi-fi supported

Just because you have no data, if you can access a Wi-Fi hotspot you can still operate fully.

What about my schedules?

Schedules and plans of work are synched as soon as you log in, so just log in when you start work, in signal, and all your tasks for the day are automatically downloaded and ready to go.

Can I forget to send?

Not really, a big prompt tells you that you have ‘offline forms’, it’s then a couple of seconds to send these.

What is it like in practice?

With clients using TeamWorkSmart across the UK, our clever solutions to poor mobile signal have resulted in them being able to operate the system successfully and without any real limitations. With mobile signal and coverage only improving, this is an issue that shrinks daily.

No Signal - what is it like in practice - iStock-544581870-min
No Signal - I really have no Signal - iStock-506923021-min

I really have no signal!

You can carry out all the functions you can on a smartphone via a computer and laptop, so there is always the option to plug into the network to send your inspections and notices. It’s likely the requirement for this is going to be minimal.

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